Citizens Town Hall Report

The “Citizens Town Hall – Bringing the Statehouse To You”┬ámeeting was held on Monday, June 12th at Artsville in Madisonville. Artsville is a “…nonprofit organization dedicated to promoting personal growth, self-expression, and appreciation of the visual, healing, literary, and performing arts by providing a nurturing environment for artists at all levels of their creative journey … Read more

Citizens Town Hall: Bringing The Statehouse To You

You are invited to join State Senator Cecil Thomas, State Representative Brigid Kelly and other community leaders for an informative and interactive Citizens Town Hall this Monday, June 12th, from 6:30PM to 8:00PM at Artsville in Madisonville. The panelists will lead a discussion with questions and answers on how the state budget impacts the Cincinnati … Read more

Congressional Redistricting Reform Story on WVXU

Howard Wilkinson covered the congressional redistricting story today on NPR Morning Edition. He did a good job clearly explaining Ohio’s congressional redistricting history and what the current initiative is about to amend the constitution so that Ohio’s districts are drawn fairly – his accompanying article is on the WVXU website. One interesting fact is that … Read more