Citizens Town Hall Report

The “Citizens Town Hall – Bringing the Statehouse To You”┬ámeeting was held on Monday, June 12th at Artsville in Madisonville. Artsville is a “…nonprofit organization dedicated to promoting personal growth, self-expression, and appreciation of the visual, healing, literary, and performing arts by providing a nurturing environment for artists at all levels of their creative journey by encouraging participation in the arts through advocacy, education and outreach, and serving as a vital creative resource for the community.” We really appreciate Artsville making their second floor theater available for the town hall!

State Representative Brigid Kelley, State Senator Cecil Thomas and panelists Luke Brockmeier, President, Madisonville Community Council, Susan Brownknight, Executive Director of Living Arrangements for the Developmentally Disables, and Catherine Botos, Board Member, Artsville, were generous with their time and insights regarding the ins and outs of the proposed state budget and how it will impact the lives of Ohioans in a number of critical areas.

One of the issues discussed extensively is the current business investor tax “pass-through” provision for income taxes that is one of the significant factors driving the unbalanced budget. Senator Thomas has an article on which explains the issue and its impact on Ohio’s budget and economy (article also downloadable as a pdf below).

There were also informative handouts showing what bills are pending and what are the “hot topics”, these are also available for download, below.

Many thanks to those who attended and who gave their time to stage this event and to hear personally from our representatives what is going on in the statehouse and the current status of the budget negotiations.