Final Four Days of Get Out The Vote

Can you feel the excitement in the air?!  We are nearing the day transformation is possible for local government and YOU have helped to make that possible!

Today we enter the Final Four days of Get Out The Vote! This weekend and the following two days are simply crucial to the success of democratic candidates in this off year election. Knocking on doors and getting folks the democratic slate at the polls on Election Day is known to boost voter turn-out and votes for democratic candidates remarkably!

If you’d like to be a part of The Final Four to either drive a canvasser or knock some doors for a couple hours, we would be thrilled to have your help! We will be staging at 7880 Ashley View Drive in Williams Meadow this weekend at 11am and 1:30 pm. We invite you to arrive a few minutes early and enjoy a cup of coffee, a snack, or some lunch! No experience necessary – we’ll give you a quick jam session and look forward to the whole team swapping stories around the kitchen table when we all get back.

Do you prefer the thrill of Election Day? We’ve got just the thing! Come hang for an hour or two, handing out the democratic slate outside the polls with us! Give us a shout – we’d love to give you post here locally or sign up using the link below for Hamilton County Democratic Party’s Coordinated campaign –…/1FAIpQLSeMBknjnZmk8Xfm2A…/viewform

Have you voted yet?  Now is your chance to get a peek at the brand spanking new location for our Board of Elections in Norwood!  Early Voting is a breeze and parking is a cinch!  There’s a convenient drive-thru drop box outside for after hours drop-offs, too!

Thank you so much for all you do!  You proven that anything is possible when we think globally and act locally!  A year ago, there was no such thing as The Wooster Corridor Democratic Club.  Our senior elected Ward Chairs like Mike Tighe and Doris Hallums worked together to connect the long-standing activists in their communities with our Ohio Together staging location leadership team, we got the word out and soon we got to know all of you!!!

Now we have three municipalities and the whole of our school district working together to empower our neighbors and provide voter education. We’ve not only coined the term WooCo (LOL), but, we’ve seen landmark levels of interest in preserving the democratic process and honoring of democratic ideals in areas where the word democratic had become something people whispered.  You have stepped into what it means to do your civic duty…beyond just showing up to vote and you all have blown us away with the activism you have ignited!

Next month we’ll have the opportunity to elect a new leadership for our organization.  We hope you’ll consider throwing your name in the hat.  Every organization benefits from new ideas and with the groundwork that has been laid this year, provides a very solid jumping off place for the next generation of leadership to step into.  Anyone who steps into this newly will have the full support of those who went before as a resource and the continuity of returning leadership as well.  If you haven’t become a member, there is no pressure to do so – you are welcome to attend meetings and enjoy all that we offer – but, to have a vote in the upcoming elections, membership is required according to the bylaws for our non-profit.  Membership dues go to support supplies and expenses such as booth rental, banner production, putting on events and more.  If you enjoy keeping track of those things and reporting on them, you might consider becoming Club Treasurer!

We know you get a zillion emails asking for money from various people you follow in the party.  And, sometimes it feels like it’s a pay to play organization.  Sure, some have more money to give than time…and, Wow!,  those donations are key to keeping the doors open – no doubt.  But, consider this, when we donate money, boots on the ground and printing the literature to pass out is another big part of what our donation goes to.  So, if we don’t have the money to give, lacing up our boots and giving a bit of our time can go just as far, if not further!

There will always be services that need to be performed and why not have them be done passionately by a stakeholder like us who has them to give. And, neighbors would always rather hear from their neighbors about local government than from someone who was hired or recruited to come help out from somewhere else.  Does that make sense?  If everyone gave their time and talents to building a stronger government that reflects their interests, the party would become a formidable force to be reckoned with…after all, it is almost strictly a volunteer organization.  So, we must all remember to ask not what the party can do for us, but, what we can do for our party.  You all deserve a pat on the back for all you have done this year.  This is what the democracy looks like!  YOU are making it happen – BRAVO!  So, let’s celebrate and start sharing ideas about next year!

You are invited to an Election Night Potluck at the home of Susan Cormier & Richard Racine in Williams Meadow from 7:30-9pm to watch the returns and raise a glass together in appreciation for all!  Bring your entourage – the more the merrier!  Look for the campaign signs – 7880 Ashley View Drive.

Then, we’ll see you at our monthly meeting the next day November 8th at the usual location – RG Cribbet Rec Center in Fairfax.  We hope you’ll join us for a discussion of election results and share your thoughts on planning for 2018!

Looking forward to seeing you then!

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